10 lines on Good Citizen in English - Few lines on Good Citizen

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10 lines on good citizen in english

Short essay on Good Citizen in English

  1. A person living in any country is called a citizen of that country.
  2. The progress of any country depends on the ideal citizens living in that country.
  3. Ideal people make a good family, and good families make a good society, and a good society makes a good country.
  4. An ideal citizen is one who participates in the building of his family, society as well as country.
  5. To become an ideal citizen we should complete our studies well.
  6. When we do any business or job by writing well, then by this we cooperate in the economy of the country.
  7. An ideal citizen fulfills his personal responsibilities as well as social responsibilities.
  8. Respecting the laws of the country, raising a voice against corruption, and being serious about the country's security, economy, etc. is the hallmark of an ideal citizen.
  9. Ideal citizens never fight, they do not get into fights of any sect, but they strongly oppose them.
  10. We all should inculcate all these qualities in us and try to become ideal citizens.

10 lines on good citizen in english

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. Who are the ideal citizens?
  2. An ideal citizen is called a person who is always striving for the progress of the nation along with his personal progress.

  3. What is the duty of an ideal citizen?
  4. The duty of an ideal citizen is to respect the law and order of the country, never fight, fight, always strive for the development of the country, etc.

  5. What is an ideal citizen called in Hindi?
  6. The ideal citizen is called Adarsh Nargrik (आदर्श नागरिक ) in Hindi.

  7. What is a citizen called in Hindi?
  8. A citizen is called a Nagrik ( नागरिक ) in Hindi.

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