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essay on communalism in english

Communalism par nibandh English mein


India is the largest democratic and second most populous country in the world. People of all religions live here. As we know that when people who believe in more religions live in a country, then a situation of estrangement arises between them. And at times this situation of estrangement takes the form of communalism.

Due to this many innocent people lose their lives, in such a situation it has been seen that people of one religion do work of spoiling the environment by talking meaningless against the other religion. If a person of any religion speaks against another religion, then it is obvious that a situation of estrangement will arise between the two and this situation will turn into a quarrel, which has to bear the brunt of both the country and the society.

What is communalism:

In a broad sense, communalism means having faith and attachment towards one's community. We can understand this in such a way that suppose you are a believer of Hinduism, then you will follow all the rules and regulations of Hinduism and have faith in your religion.

In the same way, the process of all religions is exactly like this and in such a situation, if one religion makes any objectionable statement on the rules and laws of another religion, then the activities change in the form of communalism and due to this, there is a rift in the society. Situations arise out of fights.

Stages of Communalism in India:

Communalism or communal ideology in India consists of the following three basic elements or stages which follow each other:
Phase I: This phase saw the rise of nationalist Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, etc., with only the first element of communalism.

On the other hand movements like the Farazi movement started Haji Shariatulla in Bengal to bring back the Bengali Muslims to the true path of Islam, it was one of the religious reform movements. Which had an impact on communalism in the 19th century.

Later people like Syed Ahmed Khan, who, despite having a scientific and rational outlook, presented Indian Muslims as a separate community (qaum) whose interests differed from others.

Phase II: This phase was of liberal communalism, it believed in communal politics but was liberal in democratic, humanistic, and nationalist values. It was originally before 1937.

Third Phase: This phase was the phase of extreme communalism, it had a fascist influence. It demanded a separate nation on the basis of fear and hatred. It had a tendency to use violence in language, deeds, and behavior. Example: Muslim League and Hindu Mahasabha after 1937.

How to stop the spread of communalism:

Solidarity and assimilation of different religious groups at different levels in the workplace, neighborhood, etc. Participate in each other religious festivals. Apart from this, teaching young children in schools and colleges from childhood that there is no religion greater than humanity.

That is why we should respect all religions and neither should we talk objectionable things about any religion. Only then will brotherhood and mutual love and love remain in our society. The government should also ban such people who are continuously using objectionable words against any religion.

And the place of such people should not be in society but inside the jail. Apart from this, special rules and laws should be made on social media so that any person can spread religious hysteria in society by using social media wrongly. Like promoting some fake news.

Presently there is a need to reform the criminal justice system in India as per the recommendation of the Mall Math Committee. It is also to be kept in mind that at the time of elections, no political party should make any such statement on any religion, which may create a situation like religious hysteria or tension in mutual brotherhood in the society.

Because if this happens, then the fights in society will increase even more and one day will take a formidable form, in such a situation, if this happens then no one can stop any country from breaking up.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is communalism?
  2. Communalism is the situation when a person considers only his religion as superior and views other religions with a feeling of inferiority.

  3. What is communalism called in Hindi?
  4. Communalism is called Sampradayikta ( सांप्रदायिकता ) in Hindi.

  5. In which period India had the rate of communalism low or non-existent?
  6. Before 1937, the rate of communalism in India was zero.

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