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essay on land pollution in english

Land Pollution par nibandh English mein


The land on which we live is called land. In which the problem of pollution has arisen due to the inhuman work done by us, for which we humans are responsible. The way we are working against nature in the race for development, it is natural for land pollution to happen.

If it is not stopped today then one day the whole land will be contaminated and in such a situation the existence of human beings will end completely. Because if the problem of pollution arises on the land, then many types of problems and problems can be faced in human life. In such a situation it is impossible for him to survive.

What is land pollution:

Land pollution means when any harmful chemical substance is included in the land. Due to this many types of chemical and biological changes occur in the land. As a result of which the quality and usefulness of the soil decrease considerably.

If the land is polluted then crops cannot be grown in it and the potable water present inside the land will also get contaminated. The brunt of which may have to be borne by mankind and animals. We pollute such a condition of the land. Land pollution is caused by the free addition of unwanted substances to the soil.

Causes of land pollution: -

  1. Solid waste: Solid waste means an object or device made of plastic, especially electronic equipment, which does not decompose even after many months or years. Plastic is also a major cause of land pollution and many types of diseases also arise from it. That's why we should stop using plastic things.

  2. Deforestation: Due to the increasing population, people are cutting forests in large quantities. And they are living there by building houses, the consequences of which apart from mankind, animals are also suffering.
    Apart from this, the way people have set up chemical factories, and the waste coming out of them also pollute the soil. That's why we have to stop deforestation, only then we will be able to stop land pollution.

  3. Reduction in the disposal of chemical waste management: Chemical things are being used rapidly in every field today. Whether it is chemical fertilizers in agriculture or pesticides or washing powder for washing clothes.
    Many types of chemical things are used in industries. But there is no system on how to destroy it after it is used. And by the way, harmful chemical is thrown here and there which causes land pollution.

  4. Modern Agriculture:Due to less population in earlier times, people used to do organic farming. But today the population is increasing in this way, in order to increase the production of grains, we use many types of harmful chemical elements. So that the yield is more.
    When we use such things, it has a negative effect on the soil. Due to which this problem like pollution in the soil arises. When our soil is polluted, then the crop grown in it will also be harmful and when we consume this crop, we can get many types of serious diseases.

Bad consequences of land pollution:

  1. There is no proper arrangement of how to destroy all the big waste which causes land pollution.
  2. Many types of diseases arise due to the accumulation of dirty water at various places, especially mosquitoes are the most produced here, due to which deadly diseases like chikungunya and dengue spread among us.
  3. Garbage and already contaminated water are one of the major factors causing soil pollution.
  4. It is common for garbage debris to accumulate in big cities and if an animal dies there, its body also rots and rots, as a result of which many types of diseases arise, and along with it the soil is also polluted there.

There is no proper process for garbage disposal in our country, due to which there is a pile of garbage in many places and because of all this, the soil gets polluted.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is land pollution?
  2. Land pollution means when any harmful chemical substance is included in the land. Due to this many types of chemical and biological changes occur in the land. As a result of which the quality and usefulness of the soil decrease considerably.

  3. What is land pollution called in Hindi?
  4. Land pollution is called Bhumi Pradushann ( भूमि प्रदुषण ) in Hindi.

  5. What are the disadvantages of land pollution?
  6. Due to land pollution, that land is not suitable for growing crops and due to the pollution of the land, the surrounding environment also remains polluted.

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