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essay on corruption in english

Corruption par nibandh English mein


Corruption is a deadly disease like cancer that spoils the health of society. If any country becomes a victim of this disease, then the economic condition of that country becomes very pathetic and a situation like starvation and famine arises there. The biggest example of this is that corruption was the main reason behind the situation in Sri Lanka in recent times.

In such a situation, eradicating corruption from the country is not the duty of the government but of every citizen. Because the government will end corruption, it would be a bit wrong to ignore it. Because whether it is India or any country in the world, if a government comes to power there, then it would be wrong in itself to say that there should not be an incident like corruption.

Corruption is like a termite that destroys the country. However, it is also wrong to say that all governments will be corrupt. Because there are some governments that serve the public with honesty day and night. We work continuously to end the problem of corruption in the country.

What is corruption:-

If we understand corruption in one line, then if a person compromises the interest of the country or works against the country for his personal interest, then we call him corruption. For example, you can understand this thing in such a way that suppose a government company has floated a tender of ₹ 200000 and the tender is given to a company at very low prices. Instead of taking money from him as a bribe, then we will call it corruption.

Causes of Corruption in India:-

  1. Flexible law of the country: Corruption is a problem in a developing country, and the main reason for corruption is the flexible law of the country. Most of the corrupt are acquitted on the basis of money, the criminal is not afraid of punishment.

  2. The greedy nature of the person: There is a lot of ambition in the person to earn money, due to which corruption is increasing in the country.

  3. Corruption Habit of People: Corruption has become a habit of people in India, all people include corruption in their daily life, they feel that if they do not adopt this habit then their life will fail.

  4. Desire not to end corruption: People have no desire to end corruption.

Types of Corruption:-

  1. Bribery transaction: From peon (peon) to a high official in the office to get any work done for doing government work, take money. We do corruption through the money we give to do such work.

  2. Rigging in elections: At the time of elections, politicians openly distribute money to the people, giving them various kinds of inducements so that people can vote for them. We will keep this also in the category of corruption because this is also a type of corruption.

  3. Nepotism: The tradition of nepotism is spreading very fast in India. Due to this type of tradition, the rights of those who are eligible in the country are being violated by them. Family members get recruited in all important posts. Due to this the poor and weaker sections of the people, despite having qualifications, do not get big posts. Due to this also corruption is increasing in the country.

  4. Tax Evasion by Citizens: Every country has a fixed scale for paying taxes by citizens. But some people do not give the correct details of their income to the government and evade tax. It is listed in the category of corruption.

  5. Bribery in education and sports: There is also bribery in the field of education and sports, whoever is qualified in sports is not selected for the team. Because he does not have money and the one who is ineligible gets selected for the team by paying the money.
    Due to this, the future of the country is being ruined. In the field of education, people are easily getting fake degrees by paying money, which plays an important role in increasing corruption in our country.


Similarly, corruption can be seen in other small and big sectors of society. Like adulteration in the ration, illegal house construction, hospitals, and schools, the roots of corruption are spread everywhere, which is impossible to eliminate completely. But if the government makes joint efforts and has the support of the people, then one-day corruption can be rooted out in the country.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is corruption?
  2. If we understand corruption in one line, then if a person compromises the interest of the country for his personal interest or works against the country, then we call him corruption.

  3. What are the causes of corruption?
  4. There are various reasons for corruption, flexible laws of the country, tax evasion, bribery, nepotism, etc.

  5. What is corruption called in Hindi?
  6. Corruption is called Bharashtachar ( भ्रष्टाचार ) in Hindi.

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