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essay on craze of western culture in english

craze of western culture par nibandh English mein


The propagation and spread of western civilization are happening rapidly in Indian culture. Everyone seems to be quite crazy about western civilization. All of us are looking very keen on adopting the clothes, shows, and customs of western civilization. As a result of which our culture is standing on the verge of extinction. If it is not stopped today, then the name mark of our culture will be erased and our country will be completely slave to western civilization. Therefore, we all have to stop the craze of western civilization from growing and spreading in India, only then the soul of our culture will remain.

Influence of Western Culture:-

Western culture has had a very special impact on our culture. The biggest example of this is that in India where earlier women used to wear saris, today's women like jeans tops and western outfits the most. Slowly she is moving away from her outfit. Apart from this, people's speaking and sitting and daily activities have become very much based on western culture. People are destroying their own culture in the race to show themselves as modern.

If this continues, then one day our culture will be completely destroyed and our coming generation will not be able to know how old and ancient our culture is and what is its importance. The kind of position that our culture has achieved in the country and the world, hardly any culture would have achieved that position. Where our culture is spiritual, it is their materialistic.

It is the influence of western civilization that today's date, the problem of divorce is happening the most in India. The main reason for this is that people are following western civilization. Just as divorce is a common thing in western civilization, similarly the problem of divorce is increasing in India too. If we do not rein in western civilization, then one day the social system of India will be completely ruined.

Positive and negative effects of western culture:

The essential physical elements present under westernization are getting incorporated into the culture of India. The people of India are rapidly imitating western civilization. Due to this, they are changing their language, culture, dress, and living style. If this continues, then one day India will become a country just like western civilization. Where neither the elders will be respected nor the younger ones will have any respect.

All people will be seen walking on the street in the open with a glass of wine in their hand like in western civilization. There will be neither any kind of shame in the people nor any kind of dignity will be left in the women. It is not that people cannot adopt any culture. But you have to keep in mind one thing we have to analyze what kinds of things are beneficial for us and what are harmful.

Because any civilization and culture survive only when its followers are honest with that culture. It is not that we live in old ways in this modern age. But we have to keep one thing in mind our heritage is our culture and it is our duty to preserve it.

Most people have now started believing in karma rather than fate. Modernity is the need of the hour. But at the same time, the materialistic approach has made people machines. Sensations, love, and intimacy have been replaced by artificial and formal relationships, and man has become more solitary and self-centered.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is the western civilization called?
  2. The lifestyle of the British is called Western Civilization.

  3. Which country belongs to the western civilization?
  4. This civilization is seen more in western countries.

  5. What is a western culture called in Hindi?
  6. Western culture is called Pashchimi Sabhyata ( पश्चिमी सभ्यता ) in Hindi.

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