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essay on cyber crime in english

Cyber Crime par nibandh English mein


In today's time the world is getting diesel very fast. Today we can send money to any person sitting at home within a few minutes and can get money in our account from any corner of the world. But in this world of the internet, there are some people who are misusing it. By trapping people in their nets online, they are working to grab their money.

Which we know as cybercrime. Online criminal activity is when criminals trap people in many illegal ways and grab their money. This is a serious crime that is increasing day by day. That is why we all together need to make people aware to avoid incidents like cybercrime. If we do any kind of transaction online then we should use a secure method so that we can save our money.

Types of Cyber ​​Crimes:

Hacking: Hacking is a process in which the person doing the hacking saves his confidential data without the permission of the other person and on the basis of that, they work to steal money from the bank account of the people.

Phishing: Phishing is called forgery in Hindi, in this people are trapped in the same way as you fish through the net, that is why it has been named phishing. In this, the fraudster first sends an email to another person who is from a reputable company, your bank, credit, or online shopping.

In this email, he lures money and people are asked to give information related to the bank. In such a situation, people give their personal data here and after that, the fraudsters do fraud with them only through their Tatas.

Spam E-mail: There are many types of e-mails in this, in which such an email is sent to the people, which destroys all the data on the computer. And then in return for bringing that data back, they demand a hefty amount. Hackers demand cryptocurrency instead of money.

Ransomware: This is a kind of online ransom-demanding method, in which first all the files in your computer are encrypted by the hacker. Encrypting destroys all our data. After this, instead of decrypting this data again, a ransom amount is demanded from the people. If the ransom amount is not paid, all the files on the computer are destroyed.

Cyber ​​Stalking: This is a type of online attack, which includes misuse of personal information, online abusing and abuse, online blackmailing, etc.

Effects of Cyber ​​Crime:-

Cybercrime has ruined the lives of many people. People involved in cybercrime are known as 'hackers'. If we discuss this at the individual level, the people affected are still trying to make up for the loss. Some even decided to commit suicide and some people's money was stolen online, making their financial condition very weak.

If we look at the level of the company, then there are some things in the company which are very confidential, and in such a situation, if someone steals them, then the company loses billions of trillions. Therefore the effects of cybercrime are quite dangerous. It can ruin the life of any person. Therefore, the government will have to make strict rules and laws to put a tight rein on it so that no one tries to commit cybercrime and if he does, then his whole life will be spent in jail.

In some cases, it has been seen that the government also becomes a victim of cybercrime and if this happens then the security of the nation will be in danger. Because the government has a large amount of confidential information which is related to the security of the country.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is Cyber ​​Crime?
  2. Cybercrime is a crime that is done digitally through the Internet.

  3. Who is called an ethical hacker?
  4. An ethical hacker is a person who takes written permission from the owner of the data before stealing any digital information.

  5. Who is Hacker?
  6. A hacker is a person who steals digital data from people through the Internet.

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