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essay on life in a big city in english

Life in a big city par nibandh English mein


People living in big cities have very different daily routines and lifestyles. Their lifestyle is very busy, they do not have enough time to talk to their family members. In big cities, many houses will be found where family members rarely meet each other. Because their way of life is very different. He is busier with his work and uses his time to his advantage. They only love money, they do not like anything except money. People living in big cities are very smart and educated.

Characteristics of urban life:

The biggest advantage of urban life is that there are endless employment opportunities here. Here people do not need to work hard for employment. Because a large number of big factories are located here. So getting employment here is not a big deal. On the contrary, it is very difficult to get employment in the village. Because industries are available in very less number in the village than in the city.

And not only employment but the education system, medical facilities, etc. in the village are not that good. That's why people like to live urban life more. In contrast to the facilities we get in the city, the environment here is equally polluted. Harmful fumes emanating from factories, motor cars, etc in the city pollute the urban environment.

The education system in urban life is considered very strong and powerful. Big schools and universities are available here. So if one wants to get higher education then they have to come to the city itself. Because such facility is not available in rural areas.

Health facilities and hospitals are more in large cities. Any serious disease in the city can be treated quite easily. City electricity is available 24 hours a day. Cities have paved roads for transport and apart from this many means like buses, trains, metro trains, and taxis are easily available.

A big supportive life is a boon or a curse for us:

There are big cinema halls for entertainment in urban areas. Apart from this, the traffic system here is very good. Despite this, urban life is both a boon and a curse for us. If seen from the point of view of the curse, then the problem of pollution is highest here. Due to this, the risk of getting many serious diseases is highest.

Thus we can say that boon and curse are two sides of the coin of urban life. The city has the highest number of crimes. Because big people live here and people crave money the most here. Due to this crimes like robbery, dacoity, murder, and ransom are very high here. Some people living in urban areas are more selfish. For the fulfillment of his purpose, he does not shy away from harming any person. There are many benefits of urban life but due to wrongdoing, it seems like a curse.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What are the names of the four metropolitan cities of India?
  2. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai are the four metropolitan cities of India.

  3. What is a Metropolitan called in Hindi?
  4. The Metropolitan is called Mahanagar ( महानगर ) in Hindi.

  5. What is the difference between urban life and rural life?
  6. All kinds of amenities are available in the city whereas there is a lack of amenities in the village.

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