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essay on plastic pollution in english

Plastic Pollution par nibandh English mein


Plastic is very harmful to our environment, due to which our environment is polluted and many types of diseases also arise. If we keep using plastic like this, then plastic waste will accumulate on our earth.

As a result of which many types of natural events will happen on the earth, due to which apart from mankind, the entire animal world will have to suffer. Therefore, the use of plastic has to be reduced to a minimum, only then we will be able to save our earth.

Due to plastic pollution

Economical and easy to use: Plastic is one of the most widely used materials. It is used to make boxes, bags, furniture, and many other products. Because being economical, they can be molded into any shape. Due to the increasing use of plastic items, serious problem like plastic pollution has arisen.

Plastic decays but does not decompose: Plastic bags and other products made of plastic break into small pieces and mix with soil and water sources, causing the problem of plastic pollution. Therefore, we have to use fewer things made of plastic, only then we will be able to stop plastic pollution.

Effects of plastic pollution

Pollutes the water: The waste generated by plastic mixes and affects the water sources like rivers, seas, and oceans. This water is delivered to us for our use, due to which we can get many types of serious diseases. So we have to minimize the use of plastic.

Pollutes the land: A huge amount of plastic waste is dumped here and there on the roads and localities. As we know plastic never gets destroyed and it gets mixed in the soil due to which the number of harmful chemicals in the soil increases. By dissolving in water, they enter our body, due to which we become vulnerable to many types of serious diseases.

Apart from this, small pieces of plastic get mixed in the air and fly from one place to another. These tiny pieces of plastic produce harmful chemicals that ruin the properties and fertility of the soil, due to which the growth of trees and plants stops.

Threat to marine life: When plastic bags and other plastic waste are dumped in rivers and oceans, organisms living in rivers and oceans consume them as food. Due to this many animals living in the water die.

Harmful to animals: Most of the animals who are strays eat the plastic thrown in the garbage as food and which gives rise to many types of serious diseases in their stomach. Due to this, they die. Therefore plastic is dangerous for animals.

Measures to stop plastic pollution:

  1. The government has to completely ban the use of plastic.
  2. If someone violates the rule made by the government, then the government should make such a system that he has to pay legal punishment or fine.
  3. People have to be made aware of the harmful effects of plastic.
  4. Use of paper bags should be encouraged instead of plastic.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. Can plastic be destroyed?
  2. Plastic does not destroy itself, it can only be destroyed by burning, but the smoke and ash coming out of its burning pollute the air by mixing in the air.

  3. What is the alternative to plastic?
  4. The only alternative to plastic is paper, which does not cause any harm to the environment and soil.

  5. What is plastic pollution?
  6. Small pieces of plastic mixed in the air pollute the air, and mixing in the soil pollutes the soil, hence the pollution caused by plastic is called plastic pollution.

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