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essay on make in india in english

Make in India par nibandh English mein


The Make in India scheme has been started by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Indigenous things will be manufactured in the country itself so that we do not have to buy anything from outside. The biggest advantage of this will be that our cost will come down and we will be able to make the product in our country only.

This will enable our country to become self-reliant. The biggest thing is that under this scheme, if any person wants to build anything in the country, then the government will also give him financial assistance for that. For this, the Make in India campaign has been started. And today date, many types of things are also being manufactured under it. The biggest example is in India's defense sector where India itself is manufacturing weapons so it has to buy fewer weapons from outside countries.

What is the Make in India campaign:

An initiative named Make in India was launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014 in New Delhi. Through this campaign, the aim is to make India a manufacturing hub so that big companies in the country can come here and get their products produced.

This will give a new impetus to India's economy. The biggest advantage will be that unlimited employment opportunities will be generated in India. Due to this, the youth will also get employment and in such a situation any new business startup inside the country can fulfill their dreams through this scheme. Because the government will give them money as financial assistance.

The biggest advantage of this will be that India will become self-reliant in the coming days and it will not need to buy anything from other countries. Rather, other countries will buy things from India. This will also help India get more foreign capital. Which will help in speeding up the country.

As you know that India is the largest market in the world, here all the big companies keep their eyes on it. In such a situation, this plan is most needed to develop India as a global market.

Due to a lack of resources in India, Indian traders used to set up their manufacturing hubs in other countries. Due to this, the country suffered a lot. In such a situation, through the government scheme, they will also be encouraged to set up their manufacturing hub in India itself. So that youth of India can get employment.

The most vivid example of this is India's Tejas fighter jet which has been manufactured in India and has been made under the Make in India campaign.

Aim of Make in India:

The objective of this scheme is to fix the economy of the country. Under this campaign, employment will increase in the country and the problem of unemployment will be removed as well as skill development will be done in many areas. Due to this, the attention of all the big investors in the country and abroad will be focused on us.

The objective of Make in India is to invent new technology in India and promote products made in India. The goal of this campaign is to awaken foreign companies to invest in India and encourage them to make products in India itself.

Under this scheme, the products of Indian companies are being promoted. Today the condition of literacy, unemployment, corruption, poverty, and health services in India is not good. It is a very good initiative to remove all these problems from India through the Make in India campaign.

According to the Government of India, 'Make in India' is expected to provide many smart city projects and affordable housing schemes to the people in India. The main objective of this scheme is to ensure strong growth and valuable employment for the people of every household in the country with the help of big investors.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is Make in India?
  2. Make in India is a scheme under which companies have to be encouraged to produce products within India.

  3. When was Make in India implemented?
  4. The make-in-India scheme was started in the year 2014.

  5. What is the objective of Make in India?
  6. The objective of Make in India is to invent new technology in India and promote products made in India.

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