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essay on politics in english

Politics par nibandh English mein


No country and society can operate without politics. Today there is no such place where politics is not caste. Politics is concerned with the federal structure of the country. The constitution of any country is governed only through politics. Because the people who do politics have made the constitution.

Politics is known as politics in English and politics is derived from the word police in the Agri language. Which means attached to the people. City activities are political in nature, where there are many teams, but only one team is declared victorious. Similarly in India, political parties contest elections the party that wins is called the ruling party, and the party that loses is called the opposition.

Parliamentary Form of Indian Government: The politics of India works according to a parliamentary structure. The Prime Minister is elected by the people through elections. The Prime Minister is elected every 5 years in which all the citizens of the country exercise their votes. The minimum age to vote in India has been fixed at 18 years.

Political Parties in Indian Politics: Political parties have a long history in Indian politics. Congress party is the oldest party in India. Congress party is related to the freedom struggle of India. This party was established during the tenure of the British government and this party itself had done many types of movements to liberate India. In earlier times, there used to be many national parties in India.

But due to the changing political environment, today many state-level parties have also come across the country. Elections to Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha are held in India at an interval of 5 years. The Prime Minister of the country is elected in the Lok Sabha elections, while the Chief Minister of the state is elected in the Legislative Assembly. Political parties in India have a symbol, and through these symbols, that party is voted for by the public in the election.

Today there are two major national parties in India, the first BJP and the second Congress, apart from that there are many regional parties like Aam Aadmi Party, Trinamool Congress, Anna DMK, RJD, JDU, LJP, SP, and BSP, etc.

The character of Political Parties in Indian Politics: In all the political parties of India, the roots of corruption are spread from top to bottom. Due to this the parties openly indulge in corruption and use that money at the time of elections. There is a need to rein in the political parties in Indian politics.

Before the elections, the politicians behave very politely, showering promises of policies and progress from the people, after winning the election of the politician, the scenario turns completely different. They do not care at all about the problems faced by the common people. In some places, after winning the elections, the matter of politicians harassing the common people has also come to the fore. Politicians have only to make their money, and for this, they use the power of their chair.

There are many powerful leaders in Indian politics who do not allow good people to come into politics. Because they are afraid that if good people join politics then their shops will be closed. Such powerful leaders win elections by employing their different and illegal strategies. They do the work of luring the common people into their electoral hoax by distributing things like money, and food items, and the poor vote for them by coming to their electoral hoax due to lack of money. And after the election people have to bear the bad consequences of it.

The politician who is sitting in the chair of power never wants to lose power and control at any cost. In such a situation, the leaders ask the media to spread false news by giving fake rumors, false things, and giving money. In this way, due to the passing of the wrong message to the public, their confidence in the leaders of the other party is reduced and the path of victory of the wrong ruling leaders gets strengthened.

There is a shortage of youth in most of the political parties, due to which the development of the country is not taking place as fast as it should be.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is politics called in Hindi?
  2. Politics is called Rajniti ( राजनीती ) in Hindi.

  3. Which is the main political party of India?
  4. The major political parties of India are BJP, Congress, BSP, and Aam Aadmi Party.

  5. In how many years has the Prime Minister been elected in India?
  6. The Prime Minister is elected in India every 5 years.

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