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essay on terrorism in english

Terrorism par nibandh English mein


Terrorism is the greatest enemy of humanity. Millions of innocent people are killed every year due to terrorism. Terrorists especially target the general public. Their job is to weaken the economy of any country by spreading terrorism.

And when there is political stability inside the country, he can increase terrorism there even more rapidly. Every year billions of trillions of rupees are lost to the world due to terrorism. Terrorism is the biggest obstacle to the development of any country. Today there is no country in the world that is not a victim of terrorism.

The most prominent centers of terrorism are countries like Syria and Pakistan in the world, where the main people of terrorist organizations sit and spread terror all over the world. The main purpose of terrorism is to spread terrorism in any country and put pressure on the government there so that their demands are accepted. His demands are always unreasonable.

And if any government fulfills their demands then their demands do not end but increase even more. Therefore, terrorism has to be strongly opposed and whatever means of violence have to be used to eliminate terrorism, only then terrorism can be eliminated from the whole world.

What is the main purpose of terrorism:

Terrorism means targeting the innocent people of any country and killing them so that the government there can fulfill all the demands of the terrorists. The main purpose of terrorism is to establish its own empire. The biggest example of this is that Syria has been in the grip of terrorism for the last several years.

Which has a direct impact on the people there. Every day there is some terrorist incident happening there. In which many innocent people are killed. This is the reason why Syria has not been able to walk on the path of development to date. Because terrorism is not taking the name ending there.

But still, terrorism could not be completely eradicated. The main reason for this is that the people who commit terrorist acts are like us. Those people are given training in terrorism by confusing the direction.

What are the terrorist groups operating in India:

  1. Jaish-e-Mohammed: It is a terrorist group operated by Pakistan. The main objective of which is to capture Kashmir. This organization has carried out many terrorist incidents in Kashmir. Apart from this, when Kashmiri Pandits were killed, this organization was behind it.

  2. Lashkar-e-Taiba: It is an Islamism terrorist group that carries out terrorist activities in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and India's Kashmir. This organization is behind many terrorist incidents in Kashmir. Its purpose is to create instability in India's Kashmir so that even more terrorist activities can be carried out there.
  3. Maoists: Left-wing terrorists of 2004, their main goal is to establish their empire in the tribal area. There is always a situation of tension between the government and them and there are daily encounters between the police and the Maoists.

  4. United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA): This terrorist group is responsible for various terrorist activities in the Indian state of Assam.

Major terrorist attack in India:

  1. 1991 Punjab Massacre.
  2. 1993 Bombay bombings.
  3. 1993 Bombing of RSS office in Chennai.
  4. 2000 Church Bombing.
  5. 2000 Red Fort Terrorist Attack.
  6. 2001 Indian Parliament Attack.
  7. 2002 Mumbai Bus Bombing.
  8. 2002 Akshardham temple attack.
  9. 2003 Mumbai Bombing.
  10. 2004 Dhamaji school bombing in Assam.
  11. 2005 Delhi Bomb Blast.
  12. 2005 Indian Institute of Science Shooting.
  13. 2006 Varanasi Bombing.
  14. 2006 Mumbai Train Bombing.
  15. 2006 Malegaon Bombing.
  16. 2007 Samjhauta Express bombing.
  17. 2007 Mecca Masjid bombing.
  18. 2007 Hyderabad Bombing.
  19. 2007 Ajmer Dargah Bombing.
  20. 2008 Jaipur Bombing.
  21. 2008 Bangalore Serial Blast.
  22. 2008 Ahmedabad Bombing.
  23. 2008 Delhi Bomb Blast.
  24. 2008 Mumbai Attacks.
  25. 2010 Pune Bombing.
  26. 2010 Varanasi Bombing.
  27. 2011 Mumbai Bombing.
  28. 2011 Delhi Bombing.
  29. 2012 Pune Bombing.
  30. 2013 Hyderabad Blast.
  31. 2013 Srinagar Attack.
  32. 2013 Bodh Gaya bombing.
  33. 2013 Patna Bomb Blast.
  34. 2014 Chhattisgarh Attack.
  35. 2014 Jharkhand Blast.
  36. 2014 Chennai Train Bombing.
  37. 2014 Assam Violence.
  38. 2014 Church Street Bombing, Bangalore.
  39. 2015 Jammu Attack.
  40. 2015 Gurdaspur attack.
  41. 2015 Pathankot attack.
  42. 2016 Uri attack.
  43. 2016 Baramulla attack.
  44. 2017 Bhopal Ujjain Passenger Train Bombing.
  45. 2017 Amarnath Yatra Attack.
  46. 2018 Sukkah Attack.

Which are the main agencies to stop terrorism in India:

The following types of agencies work to stop terrorism in India. The details of which are as follows.
  1. Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS): Works as an anti-terrorist squad in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Rajasthan. It is always alert and ready to stop terrorist activities primarily.

  2. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW): Established in the year 1968, RAW is India's foreign intelligence agency. It primarily thwarts international terrorist activities. And keeps an eye on India's nuclear program so that no enemy country can get information about India nuclear program. Raw's role was most important in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1972, which led to India's victory.

National Investigation Agency (NIA):

Its main function is to prevent terrorist activities in the country and to investigate the cases related to it. It was established in 2008 after a terrorist incident happened at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. It has the authority to investigate terrorist activities by going to any state. For that, he does not need to take permission from any state government or agency.

How terrorism can be stopped:

The government is making its preparations strongly to stop terrorism on every front. Despite this, the general public also needs to be aware of terrorism. As we know that if we are going anywhere and we see any unclaimed or suspicious person, then immediately inform the police or investigation agency.

So that any terrorist activity can be prevented from happening. Apart from this, if we have any doubt about any person, then we should immediately inform the police about that person. So that if any terrorist incident is going to happen then it can be avoided. This can save millions of lives. The general public also has to determine their role to stop terrorism, only then terrorism can be stopped by collective efforts.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is terrorism?
  2. Terrorism is the biggest enemy of humanity. Millions of innocent people are killed every year due to terrorism. Terrorists especially target the general public. Their job is to weaken the economy of any country by spreading terrorism.

  3. What is terrorism called in English?
  4. Terrorism is called Atankvaad ( आतंकवाद ) in Hindi.

  5. Where is the center of terrorism in the world?
  6. The focal point of terrorism in the world is countries like Pakistan and Syria.

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