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essay on patriotism in english

Patriotism par nibandh English mein


No country in the world can progress unless the people living in that country have a love for the country. Desh Prem means a person who loves the country and is honest towards the country. And those who are honest towards the country and perform their duty well towards the country, we call them patriots.

If the citizens of any country in the world do not have a sense of patriotism, then it is impossible for that country to develop. Because the development of the country takes place only through the citizens living there. And if the citizens of the country will not contribute to the development of the country, do corruption or work against the country, then the development of any country cannot be wished for.

Importance of patriotism:

To make the country further strong, it is necessary to have the feeling of patriotism in every citizen of the country, without this no country can progress. If every citizen of our country has a feeling of patriotism towards the country, then no enemy country can cast an evil eye on our country. Because we all will give a befitting reply to him.

Apart from this, if there is a feeling of patriotism in a country, then there can never be a serious disease like corruption. Because when the citizens of the country have a feeling of patriotism, they will always work for the interest of the country. And if any person tries to do corruption in the country, then he will also be opposed. That is why it is necessary to have patriotism in the country.

Duty towards patriotism:

The person who loves the country realizes what is his duty towards the country. He discharges his duty with utmost honesty and conscientiousness. He is always present in the service of the country. The biggest example of this is the brave soldiers of our country who are ready to protect India day and night on the border.

He is always worried about the country. It is through them that our country is safe and all of us can sleep comfortably in our homes. That is why we need to take inspiration from them and we should also work continuously for the interest of the country. So that our country India can become a developed nation.

For this, it is necessary to have a sense of unity among the citizens of the country. With the help of our unity power and patriotism, we were able to liberate our country from the slavery of the British. If there was no sense of patriotism in the country at that time, then our country would have been a slave to the British even today. So we need to follow the path shown by our great men so that we can make our country the best country.

Qualities of Patriotism:

Having patriotism is a great quality. The spirit of patriotism prevails in him, he is always ready to sacrifice and sacrifice his everything for the benefit of the country. This quality was in our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives laughing and laughing for the freedom of the country.

In today's India also it is necessary to have the qualities of patriotism in us. Nothing is bigger than the country. The country is like a mother to us and we all know the place of mother in our life. Not only soldiers fighting on the border are country lovers, but scientists, sportsmen, poets, writers, social reformers, and artists, who have brought laurels to the country in the world, also come in the category of great patriots.

There is patriotism inside every citizen living in the country. Even if he doesn't give a small contribution to the country. It is necessary to have the feeling of patriotism in every citizen, then only our country will be able to become better and developed. A good patriot considers his motherland higher and greater than heaven.

He dedicates his whole body and mind to the service of the country. He does not shy away from giving his life for the honor of the country. If such people sacrifice for the country, then they become immortal even after death and people go to their samadhi and offer flowers. That's why we need to take inspiration in life from such people and imbibe great qualities like patriots in us.

Great Patriots of India:

The history of our country is full of great patriots. Many such great patriots were born in India in ancient times, who even gave up their lives for the welfare of the country. That is why the history of India is full of great patriots.

The history of our country is full of great patriots like Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Veer Kunwar Singh, Rani Laxmibai, Tatya Tope, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Mahatma Gandhi, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Khudiram Bose, etc. Those who did not care for their lives to protect the country and laid down their lives.

Today, the people who live in the country happily, and peacefully, and happily, it is their gift. If he had not contributed to the freedom of the country by sacrificing everything for the interest of the country, then even today we would have been trapped in the chains of slavery. So we should take inspiration from his life and work selflessly for the interest of the country.

Only then will our country progress and if the country progresses, then we will move forward. So let us take an oath that we will always work for the interest of the country and we will strongly oppose those who are working against our country, only then will happiness and peace be established in our country.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is patriotism?
  2. Desh Prem means a person who loves the country and is honest towards the country.

  3. What is patriotism called in Hindi?
  4. Patriotism is called Desh Prem ( देश प्रेम ) in Hindi.

  5. Who is a country lover?
  6. A country lover is one who never works against the country and opposes the work against the country.

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