Today in this post we are sharing a simple Essay on Health is Wealth in English. This essay can help the students who are looking for a Short Essay on Health is Wealth in English. This essay is very simple and easy to remember. The level of this essay is medium so any students can write on this topic.

Essay on Health is Wealth in English

Health is wealth, it is a saying, which is also true. This means that our good health is our real wealth. There is nothing better than good health. No matter how much wealth we have, but if our health is not good, then all this wealth is of no use to us. Therefore wealth cannot be compared to health, rather health is above wealth. Good health enables us to face daily tasks and related challenges. If our health is good then our mind will also be fine and calm.

Good health makes our body fit and agile. If health is good, then we feel good to do any work. If our body is ill or unwell, we feel lethargic and do not feel like doing any work. If our health is not good then the body becomes very weak. So we should always take care of our health. To keep good health, we should take a balanced diet. Which should contain all the proteins in the appropriate amount. You can take green vegetables, fruits, milk, etc. in a balanced diet.

Our body's immune system is strengthened by proper eating. If our body's immune system is strong then we will be less ill. Not only by eating a balanced diet, but we also need to do regular physical exercises. Exercise keeps our body healthy for a long time. We can regularly do some easy exercises like running, walking, cycling, sit-ups, etc. in the morning. This keeps our body healthy for a long time.

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