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10 lines about clouds

10 lines on Clouds in English

  1. Clouds are white and brown in color which are seen floating in the sky.
  2. Clouds are made of drops of water and ice crystals.
  3. When the heat increases on the earth, the water of the river, pond, sea, etc. becomes steam and rises.
  4. Some dust particle also goes up with water during the rise of steam.
  5. The particles of dust and steam go up and form the clouds.
  6. Clouds are in different pieces and their size and weight are also different.
  7. The amount of water in the white cloud is less, due to which the sun's rays fall on them, they appear white.
  8. Water in the brown clouds is more, so that it rains more.
  9. Due to the presence of brown clouds, gets dark all around us. Because the rays of the sun can't cross these clouds.
  10. When two excessive rain clouds collide with each other or a mountain, due to excessive rainfall, problems such as floods and earthquakes arise which is called bursting of clouds.

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