10 lines on Parliament of India in English - Short essay on Parliament of India

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short essay on Parliament of India

10 lines on Parliament of India in English

  1. Parliament is the place in a democratic country where the country's legislature works.
  2. Parliament is a kind of country-level panchayat building, where decisions and laws are made after discussing any issue.
  3. Parliament is the supreme law-making body of our country. The lower house of the Parliament is called the Lok Sabha and the upper house is called the Rajya Sabha.
  4. In a democratic country, the Parliament is called a temple.
  5. Our country is composed of the Parliament of India, both the houses of the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha, and the President. There is a total of two houses of Parliament, first Lok Sabha and second Rajya Sabha.
  6. The elected representatives in the Indian Parliament represent the people's power of the whole of India.
  7. Members of Parliament represent the people of the country, and raise important issues in the Parliament like the development of their area, economic development, and good education system.
  8. After the election, the party that wins, the people of that party become the members of Parliament.
  9. If the President of the country does not do the right thing, then the members of both the houses of the Parliament together can remove the President from his designation.
  10. The process of removing the President from his designation by the members is called impeachment, which is called mahabhiyog ( महाभियोग ) in Hindi.

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