10 lines on The Rajya Sabha in English - Short essay on The Rajya Sabha

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short essay on The Rajya Sabha

10 lines on The Rajya Sabha in English

  1. Rajya Sabha is a permanent house under the Parliament House, also known as the Upper House.
  2. Rajya Sabha consists of 245 members, out of which 12 members are nominated by the President of India.
  3. The term of the members of Rajya Sabha is 6 years, with one-third of the members retiring every 2 years.
  4. According to the Indian Constitution, the Vice President of India is the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.
  5. Any person from amongst the members of the Rajya Sabha can be appointed as the Deputy Chairman.
  6. This Deputy Chairman presides over the Rajya Sabha in the absence of the Vice-President.
  7. When both the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman are absent, a person appointed by the House presides over.
  8. If the Chairman does not do his work properly, then all the members of the House can impeach and remove the Chairman from his designation.
  9. There is no need to impeach the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha to remove him from his designation, he can be removed from his designation by the members themselves.
  10. The qualifications required to be a member of the Rajya Sabha are as follows:-
    • he should not be less than 30 years of age.
    • he should be a citizen of India.
    • he should not be insane or insolvent.
    • he should not hold a profitable post under the Government of India or a State.
    • He is named in the electoral roll of the State from which he is contesting.
    • He possesses the qualifications prescribed by the Parliament.
    • He has not been disqualified by Parliament by law.
  11. According to the Constitution, both the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha have equal rights to make laws. And the first session of the Rajya Sabha was held on 13 May 1952.
  12. The dissolution of the Rajya Sabha does not take place.

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