[850 Words ] Essay on importance of trees in English - importance of trees par nibandh English mein

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essay on importance of trees

Simple essay on importance of trees in English - importance of trees par nibandh English mein

Role:- The tree is like a greenish-gold to us. Trees are a very useful gift we got from nature, if trees were not there on earth then perhaps life on earth would not have been possible. There is no other alternative to the tree. Because of them, we and the earth exist, that is, all this is impossible without trees. The importance of trees is so much that where there are more trees, the more clean and pure the climate will be.

Trees are worshiped in a country like India and its neighboring countries. As much as respect is given to a human being, the same respect is given to a tree as well. We get many useful things from trees and plants, such as - fruits, vegetables, rubber, honey, wood, etc. Trees absorb the harmful carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere and in turn release oxygen into the atmosphere, thereby purifying our environment.

Importance of Trees Plants: - Trees are very important for all the living beings present on the earth, on which almost all the animals are dependent for food. Trees and plants have a great contribution to the ecosystem, where an important link like the "food cycle" starts with plants and vegetation. Herbivores are completely dependent on plants.

The most useful thing about the tree is the wood, paper, rubber, etc. obtained from them, very beautiful furniture like tables, chairs, beds, etc. are made from wood. We get the rubber used in the tires of vehicles, two-wheelers, etc. from trees. The paper used for documentation in institutions like offices, hospitals, and schools, we get from trees only. The utility of trees is very high in our daily life as well as it also purifies our environment. Trees are also one of the reasons for rain on the earth.

Consequences of indiscriminate felling of trees:- Even knowing the importance of trees, we humans are cutting trees indiscriminately. We know that if there are no trees on earth, then we humans will not be able to survive. Ignoring the important role of trees in the ecosystem, they are cutting trees for their personal interest. Trees are being cut at a very fast pace in the greed of earning some money. If this disaster is not stopped, then the day is not far when the amount of pollution in our environment will increase.

Which will have a negative impact on our climate. Because the presence of trees eliminates the pollution present in our environment. Due to the absence of trees, the rainfall will also become irregular, the effect of which is visible even in today's time. The rapid development of some industrial areas is also a reason for the felling of trees, in which raw materials are obtained from trees. Those who cut trees do not follow the rules made on trees by the government. Even if they are caught, due to lack of proper action, their morale increases further, and keeping the rules on the tree, they cut the mist of the trees blindly.

Measures to protect trees:- Conservation of trees is the duty of us humans because it is the basis of our life. We should plant more and more trees around us, which will increase the number of trees. The more trees there are in our environment, the purer our environment will be. We ourselves have to make people aware of the importance of trees and their conservation.

Because unless we start it from ourselves, we cannot expect it from others. The government should also make strict rules regarding the cutting of trees and whether it is being followed properly or not, it should also be checked from time to time. We all should take a resolution from today itself that we will definitely plant a tree on our birthday every year and take care of it till it grows up.

Epilogue:- A tree is an important unit for our life without which no living organism on earth can survive. Therefore its protection is our utmost duty. We can conserve trees by curbing the cutting of trees and planting trees. The very famous line of tree conservation is "Never forget to cut trees, trees are friendly to nature."

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