[ 450 Words ] Essay on village life in English - village life par nibandh English mein

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essay on village life

Simple essay on village life in English - village life par nibandh English mein

Role:- India is an agricultural country. Agriculture work is done in more and more villages. Therefore, villages and rural life in India are considered the basis of the country. Rural life is the name of that life or environment where simplicity, truth, hard work, love, and nature are vast visions.

Natural Beauty:- Villages do not have big buildings like cities, due to which one gets full enjoyment of the beauty of nature. Here nature is decorated and beautiful. Mustard flowers, paddy and wheat earrings planted in greenery all around, mango trees, and an open environment make the whole environment pleasant and fragrant. Rural life is the true nature of nature where nature is also happy.

Significance:- Indian rural life is a heritage of ancient civilization and culture as well as its protection. It has maintained its original form even in the competition of modern brilliance and show. Life here is often riddled with jealousy, cheating, and mutual estrangement. The population of villages is less than that of cities, and the environment here is very favorable for health due to its purity. In the modern environment, only the people associated with agriculture have remained in the villages.

Here, different types of crops are grown in vast areas spread far and wide. These crops make our life happy. This environment is that "karmabhoomi", without which our life cannot be happy and complete.

The condition of rural life: - The condition of Indian villages has also been affected by the development work. Although here electricity, post office, radio, television, internet, and cinema have reached. However, they have less development than the city. Here human life is narrow and pathetic due to superstition and mythological beliefs. It is backward due to illiteracy, and a lack of medical and government development programs.

Epilogue:- Rural life is the mirror of Indian culture, it brings progress, happiness, and prosperity to our life, so it is the duty of the citizens to protect them from the ill effects of jealousy, politics, illiteracy, diseases, and conservatism and lead them on the path of progress.

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