[ 350 Words ] Essay on library in English - library par nibandh English mein

Today, we are sharing Essay on library in English. This article can help the students who are looking for essay on library in Hindi. This is the simple and short essay on library which is very easy to understand it line by line. The level of this article is mid-level so, it will be helpful for small and big student and they can easily write on this topic. This is the Long essay on library that will be useful for class 5, class 6, and class 7, class 8, 9, 10.

essay on library

[350]Essay on library in English - library par nibandh English mein

Role:- Library means the house of books. But its real meaning is the center of priceless knowledge. Therefore, the place where there is a collection of informative and important books, that place is called the library. It is a priceless treasure trove of new and old ideas and knowledge. By coming here, people not only make good use of their time but also increase their wealth of knowledge.

Type:- Libraries are mainly of two types, personal and public, collection of a large number of books by rich and capable persons at their residence, is called a personal library. Only the families of those special persons are benefitted from such libraries. Outsiders cannot use them. The libraries which are opened to the general public are called public libraries.

Its maintenance and operation are done by the donations collected by the public, membership fees, or money received as gifts. Such a library can be used by everyone in the neighborhood. The public libraries which get government protection are called state libraries.

Significance:- Library has a lot of importance in the life of those who acquire knowledge. Not everyone can buy and read every book. Therefore, he increases his knowledge by using the books stored in the libraries. Here many people sit together and read books and share them among themselves.

In some libraries, there is a provision to take books home for the convenience of the people. Due to this other members of the household can also get its benefit. In this, books related to almost every field of life are available. Therefore, every person who comes here definitely takes some benefit.

Epilogue:- Libraries should be considered necessary not only for the present but also for future generations, so it is our duty to collect, utilize and protect contemporary books in the library. It is an important part of human life. The largest library in India is the National Library which is located in Kolkata.

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