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essay on farmer in english

Simple essay on Indian Farmer in English - Indian Farmer par nibandh English mein

Role:- People associated with agriculture and agricultural work are called farmers. Being an agricultural country, about 70 percent of the total population of India is dependent on agriculture. In such a situation, the Indian farmer is like a god to us Indians. It is a life-saver and food-giver for us.

Diligence:- Indian farmers are fully aware of their responsibility. So they do not take rest even for a day except in case of emergency. He works hard in the fields from morning till late evening throughout the year in winter, summer, or rainy seasons.

Status:- Farmers, despite being a strong pillar of our country's economy, their condition is very pathetic. They feed the whole country. But with their income, they are not able to raise enough clothes, nutritious food, and necessary medical and education facilities for their family.

Their condition is the worst in our society. In order to improve their situation, some farmers have started leaving agriculture and running to the cities.

Cause of their plight: - Indian farmers are deprived of new techniques related to agriculture due to being uneducated. Those who know about them. They too are not able to use these technical means due to poverty. It has become their destiny to depend on rain for irrigation. Due to these reasons, good crops are not available which compels them to live in poverty.

Progress:- Government of India has started efforts to make them happy through various programs. Efforts are being made to improve their financial condition by making them educated by night-pathshala and getting loans from banks at low interest. With the easy availability of new agricultural techniques, their condition is improving.

But these efforts are not going smoothly. The benefits which should be given to these farmers, go to the middlemen by embezzlement. In this way, all the schemes run by the Government of India for the farmers prove to be useless.

Epilogue:- Indian farmers are the heads of us Indians. So it is our duty too. May we help them improve their condition and make them happy.

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