[ 350 Words ] Essay on Rainy Season in English - Rainy Season par nibandh English mein

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essay on rainy season

[350]Essay on Rainy Season in English - Rainy Season par nibandh English mein

Role:- Rainy season is called the queen of seasons. It begins immediately after the terrible summer weather. This season starts from the month of Ashadh i.e. July and lasts till the month of Ashwin or October. The rainy season makes the entire life-world and the earth scorching with terrible heat cool and satisfied. It is like nectar for thirsty nature.

Beauty:- Nature is most beautiful in this season. There is an atmosphere of greenery and joy everywhere. In the villages, water gets filled in the fields of the fields. And the crops grow. It seems as if nature has covered it with a green sheet. Nature becomes musical with the sound of thunder and lightning flashing in the sky and the sound of water flowing everywhere. Sant Tulsidas also says, the rain is cloudy and the cost of thunder is very pleasant.

Beneficial effect:- Rainy season is beneficial for nature and the public. Rainwater is not only useful for agriculture and drinking but also reduces pollution. Its water gets stored in ponds and canals. This water is used in other seasons for agriculture and other important works. Most of the irrigation work in our country is done by the water during the rainy season.

Harmful Effects:- Sometimes it becomes harmful to have less rainfall or excessive rainfall. Less rainfall causes famine, while excessive rainfall disturbs normal life. And in some places, problems like floods have to be faced. Crops get ruined. And the food problem arises. Traffic is also affected due to excessive rainfall. Wherever, in the frozen water, mosquitoes and other harmful creatures arise. That is the enemy of health.

Epilogue:- The rainy season gives coolness to the scorching earth. Due to being very useful, every living being is waiting for it. If this season is not there, then the main crop of our country, paddy, will be completely destroyed because a lot of water should be stored in the fields for this crop. Overall, this season is unique and very beneficial.

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