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10 lines on prophet muhammad

10 lines on Prophet Muhammad in English - Short essay on Prophet Muhammad in English - Few lines on Prophet Muhammad


  1. Islam religion has spread all over the world.
  2. Prophet Muhammad was the founder of the religion of Islam.
  3. Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 AD in the city of Mecca in Arabia.
  4. When Mohammad Saheb was 6 years old, his parents died.
  5. After the death of his parents, he was brought up by his uncle.
  6. His uncle's name was Abu Talib and his aunt's name was Fatima bin Asad.
  7. Prophet Muhammad was calm and serious from childhood.
  8. He used to be very sad about the atrocities, lies, and deception happening in society at that time.
  9. He wished for a clean and good society where there is no falsehood and tyranny.
  10. He used to get so worried about this that he used to meditate often in a mountain cave named Hira located in the desert and think about how to make a good society.


  1. The religion of Islam started in Arabia and the foundation of Islam was laid in Arabia itself.
  2. The new religion of Islam was first laid by Prophet Muhammad.
  3. Starting from Arabia, the religion of Islam spread almost all over the world.
  4. At the beginning of Islam, Muhammad became a means.
  5. The message sent by Allah was conveyed to Muhammad by an angel.
  6. Whatever the angels used to come and tell to Mohammad Saheb, let them get the thing written in books by other educated people.
  7. The book written by him is known as the name of the Quran in today's time.
  8. The Quran is the foundation of the religion of Islam.
  9. In the early days of Islam, Muhammad had to face a lot of opposition
  10. Mohammad Saheb was of a very calm nature. He used to talk to his opponents with a lot of love, which was the reason why even his enemies used to become friends.


  1. Prophet Muhammad was the founder of the religion of Islam, he established the religion of Islam.
  2. He was serious about a better society since childhood.
  3. For this, he often used to sit alone for hours and contemplate in solitude.
  4. He used to get so lost in contemplation that he forgot to even food.
  5. The place where he used to meditate was named Hira mountain cave.
  6. In this mountain cave, the angels of God came and met him. His angel's name was Jabaril.
  7. The angel said to Muhammad you are the prophet of Allah, Allah has chosen you. And go and tell the message of Allah to the people.
  8. In this way every day he used to go to that cave and used to memorize the verses told by the angel Jabaril and used go and tell them to the people.
  9. Through angel Jabreel, this message was brought directly from heaven (from Allah) to Mohammad Saheb in the present world and Mohammad Sahab used to bring it to the people. Mohammad Saheb was not educated, whatever he was told, he used to remember everything.
  10. So he memorized the verses he had heard and started getting them written by well-read people. And the work of writing this lasted for about 23 years, this written book is called Quran in Islam religion.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. Who founded the religion of Islam?
  2. The religion of Islam was founded by Prophet Muhammad.

  3. Where did Islam start from?
  4. The religion of Islam started in the Arab country.

  5. When and where was Prophet Muhammad born?
  6. Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 AD in Mecca, Arabia.

  7. How old was the Prophet Muhammad when his parents died?
  8. He was 6 years old when the parents of Prophet Muhammad died.

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  1. Muhammad peace be upon him was not the founder of Islam. This is a factual mistake I came across in this article. Similarly, Prophet's father died even before his birth, while his mother Aamina was six months pregnant to be precise and his mother passed away while he was just six months old. If you don't know something please ask those who are knowledgeable. Don't circulate your half baked knowledge here. Thank you


  2. In this essay , you wrote that when Muhammad was 6 years old, his parents died. Actually his mother died when he was 6 years old. His father died before his born.
    Please correction this sentence.

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