10 lines on Respect Elders in English - Short essay on Respect Elders in English - Few lines on Respect Elders

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10 lines on respect elders

10 lines on Respect Elders in English - Short essay on Respect Elders in English - Few lines on Respect Elders


  1. We are taught from the very beginning in schools and books that we should respect elders.
  2. Respecting elders develop good qualities in us.
  3. Because when we respect our elders, we will get to learn some new things through them.
  4. Because of the people who are older than us are much more intelligent and experienced than us.
  5. If we do not respect him then he will also hesitate to share his life experience with us.
  6. In today's time, children studying in school do not respect their teachers and their elders.
  7. It is considered futile for such students to study in school, even if they become successful in other things, they will always be seen with an inferiority complex in the views of others.
  8. People who do not respect elders always have to listen to people's criticisms.
  9. It is also considered impossible for such people to be successful in life.
  10. On the contrary, those who respect elders are able to achieve success sooner because they are accompanied by elders and younger ones.


  1. Respecting your elders is a good habit.
  2. Whoever is older than us, like our parents, our teachers, our uncles and aunts in our neighborhood, we should respect everyone.
  3. Whenever we meet our parents or teacher for the first time in a day, we should bow to them.
  4. Many people who are very good in nature, greet their elders by touching their feet.
  5. A person who respects elders knows how to achieve success early in life.
  6. If we give respect and salutation to any person then he also tells us some knowledge as a blessing which acts as the key to our success.
  7. Even in school, we are taught to respect our elders.
  8. Our first education is to respect the people.
  9. When children are young, even when they do not go to any school, etc., they are taught for the first time to bow to people ie elders.
  10. From this we come to know that respecting elders is very important in our life and the culture of the country where we are living has been running respecting elders since ancient times.


  1. The mentality of we human beings is such that we get attracted toward the person who talks to us respectfully.
  2. That is, we like the person who respects us more.
  3. We are able to connect more with people who respect us.
  4. Respecting our elders tells us about our inner conduct.
  5. When we respect our elders, then it is not impact only our image but also the name of our parents and teachers.
  6. On the contrary, if we do not respect our elders, then not only us but also the name of our teachers and parents are spoiled.
  7. Our parents and teachers also have to be humiliated because of us.
  8. People always have to listen to criticisms by not respecting their elders.
  9. In criticism, people also call our parents good and bad.
  10. People infer our background from our behavior.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. How should you respect your elders?
  2. You can respect your elders by greeting them, you can greet them or say good morning.

  3. Why should we respect elders?
  4. By respecting our elders, the right character is formed in us and the respect of our parents and our parents also increases in society. Because parental upbringing creates good qualities in us.

  5. Who is respected or respected?
  6. Treating any person with the right conduct is equivalent to giving them respect.

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