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10 lines on van mahotsav in english

10 lines on van mahotsav in English - Short essay on van mahotsav in English - Few lines on van mahotsav


  1. Van Mahotsav is an annual one-week tree-planting festival in India which is celebrated in the first week of July.
  2. This day is also known as forest festival.
  3. On this day people plants trees.
  4. Tree plantation pure our environment.
  5. This day is celebrated to spread awareness for importance of trees plantation.
  6. By encouraging Indians to support tree planting and tending, festival organizers hope to create more forests in the country.
  7. Trees plantaion would provide alternative fuels, increase production of food resources, create shelter-belts around fields to increase productivity, provide food and shade for cattle, offer shade and decorative landscapes, reduce drought, and help to prevent soil erosion.
  8. The first week of July is just the right time for planting trees in most parts of India since it coincides with the monsoon.
  9. So we should plant trees on this day.
  10. And also motivate other friends and family to plant trees.


  1. Trees and plants have a lot of importance in our life.
  2. Tree plants reduce the pollution present in the environment.
  3. Trees and plants manufacture oxygen for us.
  4. Keeping in view the importance of trees and plants in our lives, Van Mahotsav is celebrated.
  5. In the Van Mahotsav, people are made aware of trees and plants.
  6. Tree plantation is done on this day all over the country.
  7. On the day of Van Mahotsav, a tree is planted by the students of the school in the nearby garden or in the school garden.
  8. The only way to stop the increasing pollution in the world is by planting trees.
  9. Its promotion is done a lot on the day of Van Mahotsav
  10. But after the Van Mahotsav is over, we forget its importance.


  1. Every year the first week of July is celebrated as Van Mahotsav
  2. Van Mahotsav started in the year 1950.
  3. This festival was started by Kanhaiya Lal Munshi, the then Agriculture Minister.
  4. The aim of this festival is to plant more and more trees in the country.
  5. Lakhs of trees are planted on the day of this festival.
  6. Only one percent of these planted trees survive.
  7. And if these trees are not taken care of properly, it becomes difficult to survive.
  8. Therefore we have to take proper care of these trees not only on the day of Van Mahotsav but till after Van Mahotsav.
  9. We also have to put a ban on the continuous deforestation of forests.
  10. Those who cut trees should be punished severely.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. When is Van Mahotsav celebrated?
  2. Van Mahotsav is an annual one-week tree-planting festival in India which is celebrated in the first week of July.

  3. When did Van Mahotsav start?
  4. The first event of 20 July 1947 was inaugurated with the planting of Bauhinia saplings by Khurshid Ahmad Khan, commissioner of Delhi in the morning and the afternoon, another ceremony was held at the Purana Qila led by the Vice President of the Interim Government, Nehru. Another day was called Ladies Day and involved planting at the Qutb Minar with participants including Lady Mountbatten.

  5. When is Van Mahotsav?
  6. Van Mahotsav, is every year first week of July

  7. What is Van Mahotsav?
  8. People plant trees on this day. It is celebrated in the first week of July because this time is the right time and season to plant a tree.

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