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essay on Global Warming in english

Global Warming par nibandh English mein

Role: Global warming is undoubtedly a serious problem and in such a situation, all countries have to find a solution to this problem together. Otherwise, the existence of life on this earth will be completely finished. Just as the surface temperature of the earth is increasing rapidly if its temperature is not stopped, then one day all the glaciers present on the earth will melt and the whole earth will be flooded with water today.

No one will be able to escape from this flood and the entire human race and animals will be destroyed. Therefore, the problem of global warming has to be solved, only then the existence of humans on earth will be saved.

Major factors of global warming: Greenhouse gas like CO2, and methane, is the main reason for increasing global warming. Which has a direct effect on all the living beings present on the earth. Due to this glaciers are melting rapidly and the sea level is rising.

In such a situation, if it is not stopped, then you can believe that there will be a more dangerous flood than a tsunami in which the whole world will be destroyed. We ourselves are responsible for the problem of global warming, due to us the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is increasing rapidly.

Effects of Global Warming: There were 150 glaciers in Glacier National Park, of which only 20 remain today, most of the glaciers have melted into water. In such a situation, if global warming is not stopped, then all the glaciers will melt and take the form of water, and if this happens, then there will be a dangerous inundation from tsunamis all over the earth.

In which no part of the earth will be left. Water will become water everywhere and in this way, the existence of all human beings and animals will also end. Therefore, we have to stop the increasing horrific effect of global warming.

Many changes are seen in the atmosphere due to global warming. Events like sudden increase of heat, a decrease in cold, melting of rocks, wind, rain without season, storm, melting of ice rocks, flood, drought, cyclone, an earthquake occurs.

What should be done to stop global warming: Programs should be organized by government agencies, business leaders, the private sector, NGOs, etc. so that people can be told about the harm caused by global warming and its effects. So that people can become aware and also understand how the problem of global warming is dangerous for mankind. Apart from this, we have to reduce the emission of harmful gases, only then the problem of global warming can be reduced.

The best way to stop global warming is to encourage the use of electric vehicles instead of petrol and diesel vehicles. Methods to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere should be followed seriously. Apart from this, the use of alternative energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy should also be encouraged so that the problem of global warming can be stopped.

Epilogue: Global warming is a threat to the whole world, if this threat is not eliminated today, then a time will come when the destruction of the whole earth is certain. Therefore, to deal with the problem of global warming, all the countries at the world level should make collective efforts.

However, in the United Nations, on serious topics like global warming, meetings are held by many big countries from time to time and India also participates in this meeting. India can play an important role in preventing the problem of global warming and the Government of India is also working rapidly in this direction.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is Global Warming?
  2. The greenhouse effect arises due to increasing temperature in the entire earth's atmosphere, due to which harmful gases are formed like carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, etc., all these together disturb the natural balance. Due to this natural disasters increase, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, etc.

  3. What are the disadvantages of global warming?
  4. Global warming is a problem at the whole world level or rather it is a big problem for the whole living world.

  5. What type of problem is occur of global warming?
  6. The current patterns of destructive floods, increasing intensity of cyclones, recurring droughts and the increasing temperatures are all the results of global warming.

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