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essay on gender discrimination in english

Gender Discrimination par nibandh English mein

Role: Gender discrimination is a serious problem in our country today. People still discriminate between boys and girls. People believe that if a boy is born, it is good for their family. The boys will grow up to be the support of the parents and apart from this, when they marry the boy, they will also get a huge dowry. That's why people give more priority to boys than to girls.

It is very important to end the problem of gender discrimination. Because if this happens then one day there will be a decrease in the number of girls both in the country and in the world and if this happens then the social system will be completely ruined.

What is the meaning of gender discrimination: Gender discrimination means discrimination against women in society, misbehaving with them. Apart from this, depriving women of whatever rights men have, especially in India.

The ideology of gender discrimination is spreading rapidly. Due to this serious problem like female feticide is also arising in the country. People are killing girls before birth for the sake of boys. In India, the government has made a law for this that you cannot test the sex of a child before birth. But still, in many places, people secretly test their gender before birth. And when they come to know that there is a girl, they kill her in the womb itself.

What is the reason for gender discrimination: The biggest reason behind the problem of gender discrimination is that people believe that if a boy is born, then he will be supported in old age, apart from this, the boy will earn money and take care of the economic condition of the house and the family. will carry forward. That's why people give more preference to boys than to girls. Apart from this, on getting married, he can get a good amount of money in the form of a dowry.

The biggest thing is that discrimination against girls has been going on since ancient times. In ancient times people believed that the main duty of girls was to take care of the house. It was forbidden for them to go out. Due to this, girls did not get an education in ancient times. As a result of which the position of girls was never strengthened in society.

Measures to end gender discrimination:

  1. The awareness campaign will have to be run in society so that people can understand that girls are not less than boys in any matter.
  2. For the empowerment of girls, the government should conduct many types of public welfare schemes so that girls can become empowered and strong.
  3. Strict rules and laws should be made by the government regarding all kinds of customs and practices related to the dowry system, child marriage system, and physical and mental abuse so that discrimination against girls in society can be ended.
  4. To stop domestic violence against women, the government should make more stringent laws related to domestic violence so that domestic violence against women can be stopped.
  5. Influential men in society should respect women and they should also work for the welfare of women in a big way so that it helps to empower and strengthen women in society.

Epilogue: In a vast country like India, the problem of discrimination against girls is high. But work is being done day and night by the government and many social organizations and this problem has also been eliminated to a great extent in India. But still, more effort is needed in this area so that the problem of sexual discrimination in India can be eradicated from the root.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is gender discrimination?
  2. Gender discrimination means discrimination against women in society, misbehaving with them.

  3. What is gender discrimination called in English?
  4. Gender discrimination is called Gender Discrimination in English.

  5. What are the social difficulties caused by gender discrimination?
  6. Does gender discrimination lead to social difficulties such as greater differences in sex ratio?

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