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essay on Noise Pollution in english

Noise Pollution par nibandh English mein

Role: Noise pollution is quite harmful to our health. Due to this, you can also get many serious diseases. Noise pollution is especially generated due to loud noises, such as the noise of vehicles, the noise of firecrackers, if the building work is going on, then the sound generated from there, apart from the electronic things running in the house like TV, fan, Radio, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc.

That's why we call loud noises to noise pollution. Noise pollution is highest in a vast country like India because the population of people here is high. And where the population is more, then people have to live in one place, due to which there is always a fight for the limited resources present there, noise pollution is generated by that too.

Causes of noise pollution: Tomorrow there would have been more noise pollution due to machine operation in factories. The problem of noise pollution also arises due to the noise generated by the rail bus and all the vehicles. The problem of noise pollution is also seen the most in a place like a temple and mosques because there is the maximum movement of people. In parties, discos, and wedding ceremonies organized by people, playing songs in more sound also generates noise pollution. If any building is being constructed, during this time the sound of the machines in use also becomes due to noise pollution. The use of household appliances in daily life also causes noise pollution.

Effects of Noise Pollution: Noise pollution increases the risk of serious diseases like deafness. Because a human has the ability to hear sounds up to 60 dB. If there is a sound of Db higher than that, the person's eardrums may burst.

If the problem of noise pollution is more around the hospital, then it is very fatal for heart-related patients. This can even lead to his death. Therefore, noise should be prohibited in the areas connected with the hospital. Noise pollution causes irritability in human behavior. Many people become patients of mental illness.

Due to excessive noise pollution, dolphins living in the sea die. Because when the submarine operates inside the sea, more sound is produced in the sea than that, and due to this many creatures living in the sea are unable to tolerate that sound and they die.

Measures to prevent noise pollution: Soundproof rooms should be constructed in the industrial and business areas so that the sound does not come out from the factories tomorrow. Apart from this, tomorrow the construction of factories should be away from residential sites so that the common man does not have problems with noise pollution.

Repair shops dealing with motorcycles should always be away from residential habitation so that no other person is disturbed by the noise generated by it. The construction of railway stations, and airports should always be away from residential settlements and houses.

The areas around educational institutions and hospitals should be declared noise-prohibited areas so that no person can create noise pollution here. The government should set specific rules and criteria to prevent noise pollution, especially the government should formulate guidelines for how to use noise in the wedding ceremony.

Legal action should be taken against people causing noise pollution. People should be made aware by the government so that people can get information about the ill effects of noise pollution. Greenery should be allowed around the residential areas to absorb the noise pollution arising due to noise on the roads.

Conclusion: To stop noise pollution, we all have to make efforts together, then only noise pollution can be stopped. Because noise pollution is injurious to our health, especially for young children. Because noise pollution has a very deep and horrific effect on young children. Due to this many children also become victims of diseases like deafness. Therefore, it is the duty of all of us to stop noise pollution.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is noise pollution?
  2. Noise pollution is called such noise or loud sound, which we have difficulty hearing, such as the sound of a DJ playing loud, the sound of motor vehicles running and loud horns, etc., this is what we call noise pollution.

  3. What are the disadvantages of noise pollution?
  4. There are many health disadvantages of noise pollution, such as deafness, headache, irritability, stress, etc.

  5. What is noise pollution called in Hindi?
  6. Noise pollution is called Dhvani Pradushan ( ध्वनि प्रदुषण ) in Hindi.

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