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essay on deforestation in english

Deforestation par nibandh English mein

The way humans are cutting the forest today, if this continues, then in the coming days the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase. Due to this, we can get many serious diseases related to breathing. Therefore, the cutting of the forest has to be stopped, only then our existence will be saved in this universe. In such a situation, if you also want to write an essay on deforestation but you do not understand how to start the essay, then the article will be very important for you. Because we will tell you here how you can write an essay on forest cutting, so let's know.

Reasons for deforestation:

  1. For agriculture-related works: As you know that the main reason for deforestation is to prepare land for agricultural-related works. Due to this, the forest is being cut at a rapid pace. Due to this, the forest is being cut down continuously by the people. If it is not stopped then one day it will come that all the forests will end and if this happens then believe that the existence of animals and humans will not survive on this earth. Because the forest is the home of animals and when we completely destroy their home, then it is not possible for the life of the animal to survive on this earth.

  2. Due to increasing population: As the population is increasing at a fast rate, people need a lot of land to live in. Due to this humans are continuously cutting down forests. So that he can build a house there. Therefore, the government will have to control the increasing population, otherwise, all our forests will be destroyed and if this happens then the balance of oxygen in the atmosphere will be disturbed and carbon dioxide will be generated in more quantity. Because if the number of trees is less, then the amount of carbon dioxide gas will increase, due to which there will be a lot of difficulty in breathing.

  3. Growing quarries: As our country is progressing at a rapid pace, in such a way, some new food of tomorrow is being established in the country and forests are being cut to establish food of new tomorrow. Due to this the number of forests is continuously decreasing. And if forests are being cut like this to make tomorrow's food, then one day it will come that the forests will not survive but tomorrow the number of factories will be more.

    This will generate employment, but the harmful carbon dioxide gas emitted by those factories and other types of toxic gas will pollute our atmosphere. Due to this, we will not get clean air, if this happens then human life on this earth will be in danger.

  4. How to reduce deforestation:The best way to reduce deforestation is to plant more and more trees so that the number of forests increases, and in such a situation, if the forests are being cut by man, then on the other hand, if someone plants more trees, then its balance There will always be unbalanced, thus even after the deforestation, the number of forests will not decrease, so we should encourage the big people and the owners of factories to plant trees, apart from this, make the common citizens of the country aware and more and more.

    Plant trees so that there is an increase in the number of trees in our country and if this happens then the number of forests will also increase, this will save our environment from being polluted and our life will be informed on this earth.

    Epilogue: If deforestation continues unchecked like this, then it is a warning bell for us. Because if the number of trees is reduced, then the balance of gases in the atmosphere will be disturbed. Due to this the ozone layer located in our atmosphere will also be damaged. And if this happens, the ultraviolet rays of the sun will reach the earth's surface directly, which will endanger the existence of human beings. That's why we have to stop deforestation and start a campaign both in the country and in society about planting more and more trees.

    F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

    1. What are the disadvantages of deforestation?
    2. Deforestation causes a lot of damage to our environment. The amount of oxygen on earth is controlled by the trees and plants here.

    3. Major factors of deforestation?
    4. There are many main factors for deforestation, such as agricultural-related works, due to lack of space to build houses due to the increasing population, the construction of houses by cutting trees in the forest, etc.

    5. What is deforestation called in English?
    6. Deforestation is known as Deforestation in English.

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