Essay on Grandmother in English - Short essay on Grandmother

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essay on my grandmother in English

Essay on My Grandmother in English


My grandmother's name is Sharda Devi. She is very kind and sweet. His age is about 70 years. He is still healthy and active.

Grandma's nature

My grandmother is very kind and loving. They always teach us good things. They tell us about religion and values.

Grandma's daily routine

My grandmother has a very regular daily routine. She wakes up early in the morning and worships in the temple. She also inspires us to worship.

Grandmother's love

My grandmother loves all of us very much. She takes us in her lap and tells us stories. They teach us good conduct and good habits.


My grandmother is a role model for me. His love and blessings are most important to me. I can't express my feelings towards him in words. I express my grateful feelings towards him.

Essay on My Grandmother in English in 200 Words

My grandmother's name is Sharda Devi. She is very kind and sweet. He is almost 70 years old but is still very active. She always cooks food for us and teaches us good things.

Grandma tells us a lot of stories. Their stories teach us important lessons of life. They also tell us about religion and culture.

My grandmother is very religious. Every morning and evening, she visits the temple. She also advises us to have faith in God.

My grandmother teaches us the importance of good conduct and values. She tells us how we should respect our elders and show kindness to the younger ones.

I love my grandmother very much. Their love and blessings are very important to me. I feel my life incomplete without them.


Q. What is grandmother called in Hindi?

Ans: Grandmother is called Dadi ( दादी ) in Hindi.

Q. Who is grandmother?

Ans: Father's mother is our grandmother.

Q. Who does our father's mother look like?

Ans: Father's mother seems to be our grandmother.

Q. Who does Grandma's daughter look like to us?

Ans: Grandma's daughter looks like our aunt.

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