Essay on Christmas in English - English mein christmas par nibandh

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english mein christmas par nibandh

Simple Essay on christmas in English

Christmas Day is the largest festival of Christianity. This festival is celebrated every year on 25th December in the world. This festival is also called "Bada Din" in India. This festival is celebrated on December 25 because it was the birthday of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity. The founder meant that he initiated Christianity. Jesus Christ was a great man. He taught people to love and brotherhood.

So, people considered them as God's messenger. And on their birth, this Christmas Day celebration is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Homes and markets begin preparations just before the arrival of this festival. The house is cleaned up. New clothes are bought. The church is specially decorated on this day. The entire church is decorated with colourful lights. In December compared to earlier, most people start coming to the church.

And on Christmas Day many people gather in the church. On this day, the church is prayed till 12'clock in the night. At 12 o'clock in the night, people greet each other with a Christmas Day. On Christmas Day, a Christmas tree is planted at home. This day is also a cut the cake like a birthday. And their kins are welcomed by feeding the cake. People congratulate the festival by feeding cakes to each other. Children have different happiness on this day. Children wait for Santa Claus this day.

It is believed that Santa Claus comes from heaven and gives a gift to children. But that does not really happen. Some people wear Santa Claus' clothing to please the children and give them gifts. The next day of Christmas The day is also prayed in the church. People pray for their next good life.

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