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Essay on diwali in Hindi

Simple Essay on Diwali in English


Diwali is the largest festival celebrated in India. Diwali is the festival of Hinduism. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in almost all the states of India. This festival comes exactly 20 days after Dussehra. It comes in October or November every year. It is believed that the joy of returning home from Exile of Lord Rama is celebrated as Diwali. Lord Ram came back home after 14 years after his exile. Lord Ram had killed Ravana. The day Ravana was killed, it is celebrated as Dussehra. After twenty days of slaughter, Lord Rama returned home, on the same day the house was decorated with lamp and other types of light in the welcome of Lord Rama.

Even today, we still decorate our homes before Diwali. We all wear new clothes on Diwali. Sweets are made in the house. Sweets and new clothes are distributed among the poor. The poor who can not buy new clothes and sweets, they also depend on us. We should give them clothes and sweets on Diwali. Dhanteras comes 2 days before Diwali. It is believed that something should be bought on Dhanteras day. Some people buy utensils, some people buy silver and gold jewellery. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped in Diwali. There is a different enthusiasm in the children in Diwali. Children make small clay houses in the house. And they also make small pots of soil.

Girls make Rangoli in the courtyard of the house this day. But Diwali of the present has become very different from the previous Diwali. In the previous Diwali, we used to light the lamp. And this lamp was made of clay which is made by the people of the potter who are quite poor. Today, we have begun to use Chinese electronic lights and ignore to purchasing this soil lamp. Due to which the soil lamps made by potter are not sold and their hard work goes waste.

We should always buy from them, we should not use Chinese lights. And secondly, we should not use much of the firecrackers. Every year after Diwali we have to face heavy pollution. In many states, fireworks have been banned, but people still use firecrackers. We should not do this. If you have to celebrate happiness, then buy some happiness from those firecrackers' money for the poor. So, his Diwali can also be enjoyed with happiness.


Role:- Deepawali is the festival of lights. On the occasion of this Prakash Parv, queues of depots are adorned everywhere. This holy festival is famous as Deepawali. This festival is a symbol of cleanliness. It is celebrated every year with joy and gaiety on the new moon night of the month of Kartik. Apart from Hindus, people of other religions also celebrate it.

Religious beliefs: - Many mythological beliefs are prevalent in celebrating Diwali, the most important belief is related to Lord Shri Ram. It is said so. That after the exile of Shri Ram, Sita and Lakshmana, there was sorrow and depression in Ayodhya for fourteen years. The festival of Diwali started being celebrated. According to another belief, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, roams the earth on this night. And gives the boon to the people to be rich. Therefore, people celebrate Diwali by keeping their homes clean and decorated and trying to woo the goddess of wealth.

Events and Scientific Facts: - This festival comes after the rainy season. People clean, paint and decorate their homes and shops. Special attention is paid to the cleanliness of your neighborhood. As a result, mosquitoes and harmful insects produced in the rainy season are eliminated. On the night of Deepawali, children swell by wearing new clothes and bursting with firecrackers and different types of sparklers. From the evening itself, the houses are lit with candles and electric bulbs. In this lamp flame, various kites are burnt to ashes. Lakshmi and Ganesha are worshiped at night. And sweets are eaten and fed.

Epilogue:- This festival of lights brings new consciousness, enthusiasm, and joy to us. This festival should be celebrated with caution. So that there is no accident, especially while lighting firecrackers, children need to take special care. Otherwise, their hands, feet, eyes, nose, etc. may get burnt.

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