10 Lines On Health is Wealth in English - Short Essay on Health is Wealth

Today, we are sharing Ten Lines on Health is Wealth in English. This article is generally useful for students of class 1, class 2, and class 3.

Health is Wealth

10 Lines On Health is Wealth In English

  1. In our life, it is very important for our bodies to be healthy.
  2. Taking care of our health should be our first task.
  3. A healthy person does his work with full enthusiasm.
  4. The person who is in good health is actually rich.
  5. Money - wealth is useless when your health is not good.
  6. We should take care of our health.
  7. For good health, we should take balanced and nutritious food.
  8. Regular exercise is also very important for good health.
  9. Exercise keeps our body healthy for a long time.
  10. That is why we should take a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

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5 Lines On Health is Wealth In English for kids

  1. Health is our greatest treasure.
  2. When we are healthy, we can do anything.
  3. Good health keeps us happy and active.
  4. Without health, wealth has no value.
  5. So, let’s eat right, exercise, and stay healthy!

FAQ - Health is Wealth ( English )

Q. What does “Health is Wealth” mean?

Ans: It means that good health is more precious than accumulating wealth

Q. Why is health considered wealth?

Ans: Because without good health, we cannot enjoy life or achieve our goals.

Q. How can we maintain our health?

Ans: We can maintain our health by eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep.

Q. Can wealth replace health?

Ans: No, wealth cannot replace health. Good health is something that money can’t buy.

Q. What is the importance of health for students?

Ans: Good health is important for students as it helps them concentrate better on their studies and participate in school activities.

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