[ 350 Words ] Essay on cinema in English - cinema par nibandh English mein

Today, we are sharing Essay on cinema in English. This article can help the students who are looking for essay on cinema in Hindi. This is the simple and short essay on cinema which is very easy to understand it line by line. The level of this article is mid-level so, it will be helpful for small and big student and they can easily write on this topic. This is the Long essay on cinema that will be useful for class 5, class 6, and class 7, class 8, 9, 10.

essay on cinema in english

Simple essay on cinema in English - cinema par nibandh English mein

Role:- Cinema is an important discovery among other wonderful discoveries of science. It is the most important means of entertainment based on high technology. It is a visual and audio medium for presenting different types of ideas, and motion pictures. Its practice is in today's era in almost every big and small country. It is the first choice of people of every class in today's society. Irrespective of any age group, he loves to watch movies.

Production: For the production of a cinema, people from different art fields with high qualifications have to work together for several months. First of all, moving pictures of the actors are taken. Then with the use of high technology, voice and melodious music is filled in them. These are then screened through several machines in different cinema halls.

Significance:- Knowledge and wealth are acquired from cinema. Being visual-oriented, people accept more of the ideas displayed by it. Therefore, through these social and religious practices, good behavior and true knowledge can be easily spread. Along with this, the common man gets to see the scenic places, natural beauty, and different lifestyles of the country and abroad.

Due to this our general knowledge, living character, and standard of life are affected. The biggest cinema in the world is Hollywood in America. There is a business of making cinema in our country in Mumbai and Chennai. Crores of rupees are spent on the production of a cinema. It also generates income in the same proportion.

Disadvantages: - In modern times, more violent and ill-conducted movies have started to be made. Due to this, corruption, dacoity, beatings, and wrong tendencies started spreading in society, which is very harmful to public life. People immediately adopt its evils. Some people get addicted to watching it. Such people start watching only movies and do not do anything. This wastes time and money.

Conclusion:- Cinema is a simple, accessible, and cheap means of healthy entertainment in today's stressful life. Producers should make good movies. So that good values ​​can be infused into the audience so that their usefulness in the welfare of the society and the nation is proved.

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