[ 350 Words ] Essay on beggar in English - Beggar par nibandh English mein

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essay on beggar in english

Simple essay on beggar in English - beggar par nibandh English mein

Role:- In our country the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor life. But in the ever-increasing population, there are some people who have to spread their hands in front of others for food, even four grains or torn clothes. Such people are known as beggars or beggars in our society.

Reasons for becoming a beggar: - In the event of being helpless due to some serious illness or a person forced to live with a handicap, one may have to beg. But some lazy people start begging for fear of working hard. Some small children spend their lives begging because of being orphans or being separated from their families. Some people are blind, deaf, or lame from birth, and are not fit to do any work, so they spend their days begging.

Difficulties and methods of begging: - Beggars have to spread their bags in front of people by roaming around or sitting in a fixed place to collect food in every season, praying to God. Most of the beggars roam around crowded places like railway platforms, bus stands, temples, cinema halls, or markets. They keep spreading their hands in front of everyone, praising the progress and well-being of our children.

Some beggars are sitting on the side of the road, some beggars spread the bowl in front of the people by reciting songs, hymns, etc. in railway coaches. To pass the night, they have to resort to the railway station platforms, the footpaths of the cities, or the gardens of the villages. They have no means of escape from the scorching heat or the harsh cold.

Our duty:- We must help the handicapped or helpless beggars. They should not be looked at with hatred. Some people consider them to be an incarnation of Kali, but those who beg for fear of hard work or out of the hobby should try to bring them on the right path. There is no sin in taking a harsh stance towards such professional beggars.

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