[ 350 Words ] Essay on doordarshan in English - doordarshan par nibandh English mein

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essay on doordarshan in hindi

[350]Essay on doordarshan in English - doordarshan par nibandh English mein

Role:- Science has given us many wonderful inventions to date, in which Doordarshan is a wonderful and very effective communication medium. It is very popular around the world as an audio-visual means of entertainment. Where radio only transmits the voice of the person to us. At the same time, Doordarshan also provides a vision of the person and the landscape around him.

Invention:- The nature of us as human beings has been of curious nature. With the invention of the radio, when sound waves started being carried far and wide. Then the attempt to transmit the visuals also through waves started. Finally, Doordarshan was invented by English scientist J. L. Baird in 1925 AD after many years of tireless effort. Since then it has been continuously developing and becoming popular all over the world.

Working style: - In all the countries where Doordarshan has reached. Many small and big Doordarshan centers are established there. Image and sound are converted into invisible waves by these centers and released into the atmosphere. Each television set receives these waves with the help of its various parts. and present it on his screen.

Benefits:- As per its name, Doordarshan keeps us informed about far-flung events and various activities. It transmits new knowledge related to agriculture, health, weather, condition of the country and abroad, medicine, etc. to us. It is the easiest and most popular means of entertainment.

Through this, we are also able to see the pictorial and live broadcasts of favorite sports and important events. The dance-music programs aired on it entertain us with cinema and interviews with great personalities.

Disadvantages: - There is a danger of wasting time due to this. Children spend a lot of time with it. Due to this, their studies get hampered. Watching television broadcasts for a long time can also cause skin and eye diseases.

Epilogue: - It has brought the whole world into the courtyard of modern human life. We should use it from a structural point of view.

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