[ 450 ] Essay on national unity in English - national unity par nibandh English mein

Today, we are sharing Essay on national unity in English. This article can help the students who are looking for essay on national unity in Hindi. This is the simple and short essay on national unity which is very easy to understand it line by line. The level of this article is mid-level so, it will be helpful for small and big student and they can easily write on this topic. This is the Long essay on national unity that will be useful for class 5, class 6, and class 7, class 8, 9, 10.

essay on national unity

Simple essay on national unity in English - national unity par nibandh English mein

Role: - People of different caste, religions, and sects live in each country. The mutual synergy of ideas between communities living in different civilizations and cultures is called national unity. It makes the nation strong and important at the international level. For this unity, it is necessary to have a sense of mutual love, harmony, brotherhood, trust, and sacrifice among the citizens.

Need:- It has happened many times in world history that due to a lack of unity among the citizens of a nation, it had to become a slave of another nation. By being united, even a small country becomes powerful and self-sufficient. In the absence of unity, even the largest country becomes fragmented and weakened, and becomes isolated at the international level. Therefore, national unity is essential for the survival of a country.

National Unity in India:- India is a country of diversity. Here in the vast population, there are people who believe in many religions and beliefs. Hundreds of dialects and dozens of languages ​​are prevalent throughout the country. People of different regions live with different living habits, food habits, and beliefs. In such a situation, a person of one state can become a stranger like a foreigner-only by going to another state. And can get into various difficulties.

But the sanskaras that our ancient civilization and culture have instilled in us. Due to their influence, the atmosphere of unity has always remained between us. The Ganges of social and communal cooperation has been flowing among the people of our country. People of all regions have always shown cooperation, love, harmony, and mutual synergy at the national level.

Significance:- National unity is an essential element to making the existence of the nation proud at the international level. It is helpful in making any country economically, socially, and politically strong. It is a symbol of the rich tradition of any country. It leads the nation towards progress, self-reliance and happiness, and prosperity.

Epilogue:- In modern times, small and big nations are constantly trying to get ahead of each other in the race for development. In such a situation, national integration becomes even more important.

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