[ 350 Words ] Essay on eid ul fitr in English - eid ul fitr par nibandh English mein

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essay on eid ul fitr in english

[350]Essay on eid ul fitr in English - eid ul fitr par nibandh English mein

Role:- People of Islam religion celebrate many festivals every year with reverence, devotion, and brotherhood. The most important of all these festivals is the festival of Eid ul-Fitr. Which is also called Eid and Meethi Eid in common parlance. The reason behind calling this festival Sweet Eid is the dish prepared on this day, which is very sweet and full of other nuts. After the end of the month of Ramadan, Eid is celebrated on the first date of the next month when the moon is sighted.

Religious belief:- Muhammad Saheb was the prophet of Islam. He founded the religion of Islam. He laid down some rules and regulations for true Muslims, in which reading Namaz, fasting (being hungry throughout the day), performing Hajj, etc. is important. Therefore, his followers fast for a month every year in Ramadan and finally celebrate Eid.

Ramzan (the 30 days in which fasting is kept):- Ramadan is considered by the people of Islam as the holiest month. Therefore, they keep fast for this entire month from sunrise to sunset. Which is called fasting. Every day after sunset, everyone breaks the fast with their best friends, relatives, and guests, which is called Iftar. In this, they eat and feed different types of dishes.

People of other religions also participate happily in this. During this month, people do only good conduct with a pure heart and give charity to the poor, which is called Zakat in the Muslim religion.

Celebration of Eid:- Fasting ends on the last day of the month of Ramadan. And after seeing the moon, the next day the festival of Eid is celebrated with great pomp. Children, old men, and women all wear new clothes. People gather in the Idgah and offer Eid prayers. And hug each other and congratulate Eid. There is an atmosphere of love and harmony everywhere.

Sevai is the main dish of this festival. Which people eat and feed with great fervor. Along with feeding vermicelli to the guests who come home, perfume is applied and children are also given Idi. Giving Idi is like giving a kind of gift, whether it is facing any need or money.

Epilogue:- This festival is a symbol of joy for the people of the Islam religion. On this day everyone celebrates holiday and happiness. It is a festival of increasing mutual unity, reconciliation, brotherhood, and harmony. For children, it brings fair-like happiness and enthusiasm. This festival should be celebrated in an atmosphere of brotherhood and harmony.

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