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essay on my neighbors in English

My neighbors par nibandh English mein

Role: Man is a social animal and in such a situation where you live, other human beings also live next to it. Wherever you live, if someone lives next to him, then he is your neighbor. In such a situation, your relationship with your neighbor should be strong and strong. Because when any kind of disaster happens to you or any such incident happens in your house, then the neighbors come first in your house. So we should keep friendly and cordial relations with our neighbors so that the neighbors help us in times of adversity.

Why we should have good relations with neighbors: The main reason why we should have good relations with our neighbors is that when there is a disaster in your life, the first person to reach your house is the neighbor. Because your relatives stay far away, they take time to come and neighbors stay close to you, they easily get involved in your happiness and sorrow in a very short time. Therefore, we should maintain good relations with our neighbors so that we can easily get help from there in times of calamity.

Neighbors are our true friends: Neighbors are our true friends. The main reason for this is that when any guest or any other person comes to our house and in such a situation we need something very much, then we can get help only through a neighbor.

Today, there are many people whose relations are not good with their neighbors. But let me tell you that this is not the case with me at all, my neighbor, whenever I need something, my neighbors definitely help me. Ghosh Babu used to live next to my house. There are three people in his family. A Ghosh Ji and his wife and their son. His son works outside Madhya Pradesh.

His wife is quite religious and a philanthropist. She always helps others. Ghosh Ji is a retired person, his nature is also very good. He treats me like his son and always helps me.

Why we need a good neighbor:

  1. Help us in crisis.
  2. If our neighbor is good then the surrounding environment will always be positive.
  3. If the neighbor is good then the environment there is safe for the children of your house.
  4. Your time is well spent and you don't feel bored.
  5. You can celebrate your festival with your neighbor with much gaiety and pomp. Apart from this, if there is a wedding ceremony or any special ritual in your neighbor's house, then you can also help your neighbor by participating in it.
  6. A neighbor helps another neighbor in times of sorrow.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. Who is the neighbor?
  2. The people living near or near our house are called neighbors.

  3. What is a neighbor called in Hindi?
  4. Neighbor is called Padosi ( पडोसी ) in Hindi.

  5. What is the importance of a neighbor in a family?
  6. The neighborhood is very important for a family, the first person to be involved in the happiness and sorrow of a family is our neighbor.

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