10 lines on Moon in English - Short essay on Moon in English - Few lines on Moon

Today, we are sharing short essay on Moon in English. This article can help the students who are looking for information about Moon in English. These 10 sentences about Moon for class 2 is very simple and easy to understand. The level of this paragraph about Moon is medium so any student can write on this topic. This short essay on Moon is generally useful for class 1, class 2, and class 3.

10 lines on moon in english

10 lines on Moon in English - Short essay on Moon in English - Few lines on Moon


  1. The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth.
  2. The shape of the moon is round like a cricket ball.
  3. The Moon is the fifth largest natural satellite of the Solar System.
  4. The Moon does not have its own light but shines with the light of the Sun.
  5. The Moon orbits the Earth.
  6. Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the Moon.
  7. The Moon has no atmosphere like Earth's.
  8. Our weight on the surface of the Moon is 1/7.
  9. If we go to the moon, then we can fly there easily, the reason behind this is that the gravity here is much more work than on the earth.
  10. The Moon is only 27% of the Earth.


  1. Like the sun, the moon emerges from the east and hides in the west.
  2. We can see only 59% of the Moon from Earth.
  3. It takes 27 days 7 hours 40 minutes 116 seconds for the Moon to complete one orbit around the Earth.
  4. Since ancient times on earth, humans teach their children to call the moon Chanda Mama.
  5. Moon is worshiped as a deity in Hinduism.
  6. On the full moon day, the moon is visible in its full illuminated form.
  7. The moon is not visible on the new moon day.
  8. Every year the moon is moving 4 cm away from the earth.
  9. The Moon orbits the Earth at an average speed of 2300 miles/h (3700 km/h).
  10. The moon weighs about 81 billion tons.


  1. The area of ​​the moon is equal to the area of ​​Africa.
  2. India is the fourth country to send a spacecraft to the Moon.
  3. According to astronomers, if the moon disappeared, the day on Earth would be 6 hours.
  4. The gravitational force of the Moon is less than that of the Earth.
  5. If there is a lunar eclipse on the earth, then there will be a solar eclipse on the moon.
  6. About 1 lakh 81 thousand 400 kg of man-made debris was lying on the moon.
  7. It takes 27.3 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth.
  8. If you look at the sky from the moon, then its color will appear black instead of blue.
  9. The moon has no light of its own, it is illuminated by sunlight.
  10. Moon's light reaches Earth in 1.3 seconds.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. What is Moon?
  2. The Moon is a natural satellite of the Earth that revolves around the Earth.

  3. How big or small is the moon compared to the earth?
  4. The Moon is only 27% the size of Earth.

  5. Why does the sky appear black when looking at the sky from the moon?
  6. Because there is no atmosphere on the moon.

  7. How does the Moon affect the Earth?
  8. The presence of the moon is very useful for the earth, its usefulness can be gauged from the fact that if there is no moon, then the day on earth will be only 6 hours.

  9. How long does it take for light from the Moon to reach Earth?
  10. Moon's light reaches Earth in 1.3 seconds.

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