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essay on my aim in life in english

My aim in life par nibandh English mein

Role: We all have a goal in our life, someone has a goal that he will become a big businessman in his life, then a doctor or an IPS officer, everyone has some goal in life. And to achieve that goal people are constantly trying and bothered. To achieve the goal, he works hard day and night. Only then can a person achieve his goal. In such a situation, there will be some goals in our life also. As my life goal is to become a great writer, for this I am constantly working hard and trying so that I can achieve that goal.

How to fulfill the goal of life: If we have made any goal of our life, then to fulfill that goal, we have to work in a planned manner first and you will have to make continuous effort and hard work for it. Because if we want to achieve the goal of life, then we have to work continuously. Only after hard work, we will be able to achieve the goal of our life that we want to fulfill. Like my goal is to become a good writer. For this, I have to make many improvements in myself, only then I will be able to become an accomplished writer.

When I become a good writer, I will write my pen on such issues in India which is a very serious problem for India. Especially on all these issues like unemployment, inflation, corruption, domestic violence, the dowry system, child marriage, etc. I will write a good article and will also work to make people aware. So that all these problems can be eliminated from India, only then our country will be able to become a developed nation.

Apart from this, I will also use my pen on all the important topics related to the cultural heritage of India so that the citizen of India can know about all these things that how great and old is the cultural heritage of India.

To achieve the goal, we should work hard and struggle: For whatever the goal of our life is, we have to work hard and struggle, only then we will be able to achieve the goal. You cannot achieve anything in life without hard work and struggle. The biggest example of this is our country's President Draupadi Murmu. She belongs to a poor family, but despite this, she struggled and worked hard in life. Only then she has been able to sit on the highest post in the country.

That's why we should take inspiration from our country's President Draupathi Murmu that if you want to achieve your goal in life, then struggle and hard work is the only important weapon for you. By using this you can achieve all the dreams and goals of your life. Let us all take a pledge in our life and also set a goal that we have to play an important role in the development of India.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is the goal?
  2. To work hard and work continuously for some purpose, and having the only passion to achieve that objective, that purpose is called the goal.

  3. What is the importance of having a goal in one's life?
  4. It is very important to have a goal in the life of any person, it makes concentration and punctuality in one's life. Which plays a big role in achieving his goals.

  5. What is a Goal called in Hindi?
  6. The goal is called Lakshya ( लक्ष्य ) in Hindi.

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